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  14 July 2020

Data confirms that LNG services continue to develop rapidly in Europe

Brussels, 14 July 2020

GIE publishes the annual updates of the GLE New LNG Services Inventory and the GLE List of Services, part of its market transparency commitments along with ALSI Transparency Platform, Transparency template, LNG Maps and associated databases.

LNG New Services

  • The GLE List of services gives an overview, terminal per terminal, of all the offered services, from the standard services to the most recent ones developed in response to the market dynamic.
  • The GLE New LNG Services Inventory provides, terminal per terminal, quantitative actual and historical data as well as technical characteristics on large scale services (Reloading, Transshipment) and small scale services (Small-scale ship loading, Truck loading, Rail loading).

The data are particularly useful in analysing:

  1. the evolution of the market demands,
  2. the diversity and technological options of the LNG usage
  3. and the continuously enlarging spectrum of LNG utilization.

Overall, they confirm that the LNG large scale terminals in Europe offer a large panel of services covering both large scale and as small scale. They also show that the use of these services continues to grow, in particular with respect to small scale.

  • LNG Truck loadings have increased on average by about 12% per year over the last 3 years, to reach almost 70 000 operations in 2019
  • LNG small-scale ship loadings are picking up speed with more about 100 operations in 2019, which is almost the double than the year before

This confirms that LNG is a reliable alternative in replacing fuel oil and diesel in freight transport and shipping, as well as in supplying off-grid industrial sites and communities. LNG has a much smaller carbon footprint and switching to LNG brings an immediate benefit on air quality and therefore health:

  • up to 25% less CO2;
  • up to 90% less nitrogen oxide (NOx);
  • negligible quantity of sulphur and fine particulates.

Moreover, all these services are “carbon neutral ready” : they are fully compatible with liquid biomethane or liquid synthetic methane. Therefore, these investments represent the first step towards a deep decarbonation of hard to abate sectors such as heavy mobility.

The GLE LNG Services Inventory and the GLE List of Services are available at:

Note to editors

Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) is the association representing the interests of European gas infrastructure operators active in gas transmission, gas storage and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) regasification. GIE is a trusted partner of European institutions, regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders. It is based in Brussels, the heart of European policymaking. GIE currently represents 70 member companies from 26 countries. GIE’s vision is that by 2050, the gas infrastructure will be the backbone of the new innovative energy system, allowing European citizens to benefit from a secure, efficient and sustainable energy supply.

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