Folder GIE / GAZ-SYSTEM Joint Workshop on the energy transition in the CEE region

Role of gas infrastructure in fulfilment of the EU energy-climate policy – joint workshop of GIE and GAZ-SYSTEM

Warsaw, 17 September 2019

The workshop took place in Warsaw on September 17. The discussion was focused on the energy transformation and the role of gas infrastructure in the process of fulfilling EU Energy and climate policy goals.

The workshop were organized by Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) in partnership with GAZ-SYSTEM. The guest of honour, who gave the opening speech was Mr. Jean Marc Leroy, President of the GIE. Representatives of the number of companies operating in the field of the gas infrastructure from all over the EU, took part in the debates.

During the workshop, participants presented their business strategies and infrastructure development plans, focused on implementation of the EU climate policy. In the discussion on the most optimal solutions to be introduced in gas sector in order for it to decarbonize, the significant attention was given to the innovation and potential of renewable gases such as hydrogen and biomethane.

Natural gas is a source of energy that can be used in order to provide the efficient energy transformation. Broaden use of the natural gas in the electricity, heating, industrial and transport (both land marine) sectors is one of ways of limiting the GHG emissions. Additionally, natural gas solves also the problem of so called ‘low emission’, resulting from usage of the fuels with low calorific value.

Well planned gas infrastructure enable fulfilment of the EU energy-climate goals, through providing access to the natural gas as low emission fuel in many sectors, as well as supporting the development of the renewable energy sources. It applies, in particular to the Central-Eastern Europe, where significant emission reduction can be achieved in long term through increasing use of natural gas in broadly understand industry. Efficient energy transformation should be also based on the building of so called ‘hybrid energy system’ understood as integrated infrastructure for electricity, natural gas and heating and cooling systems.

As the summary of the meeting, a short paper is presenting the abstract on the discussed on the future of natural gas in European Union.

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