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GIE Annual Conference 2006 - Bratislava
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GIE Annual Conference 2006 - final programme
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  A. Introductory Speeches
  Welcome speech by Geert Joosten, GIE President
  Welcome speech by Alena Jakova, Director International Relationship Department,
Ministry of Economy, Slovakia
  Welcome speeches by :
Pavol Janočko
(Slovak Gas & Oil Association)
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Christophe Poillion
(SPP- Preprava)
arr   Welcome to the "Russia-Europe" gas highway 90 bcm / year MS Powerpoint document   2356 KB
Jean-Jacques Ciazinski
arr   no slides     -
Martin Hollý
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  Key note speech by Andris Pïebalgs
European Commission, Commissioner for Energy
arr   download the speech here
B. Lunch
  C. Panel Session
  Session 1 : A Global View for Gas
    Chairman : Simon Cocks, National Grid
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  D. Coffee Break
  E. Panel Session
  Session 2 : The North Sea Region - Creating a Regional Market
    Chairman : Meinhard Janssen, BEB
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  F. Evening Programme
  Dinner and Evening Programme