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GIE Annual Conference 2006 - Bratislava
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Visit the Nafta / Pozagas Storage Facilities
on 29 Sept. 2006.

Situated in the vicinity of transit pipelines transporting gas to western and southern Europe.

The underground gas storages have been constructed on the basis of depleted natural gas and oil fields in the Láb area of western Slovakia.

This area is 40 km from Bratislava and is located near to the city of Malacky.

2 buses / 80 people are organised - one can visit Nafta storage, the second Pozagas storage.

Departure at 15:00 on 29 Sept.

Natural gas storage in Nafta’s Láb Underground Gas Storage Facility (Láb UGS)

From the international perspective, Slovakia plays an important role in the European gas industry. Transporting one-fifth of the natural gas consumed in western European countries, it is one of the largest natural gas transit countries. Before the end of its path across Slovakia, the transported natural gas reaches the Láb UGS facility in Záhorie.

This westernmost region of Slovakia offered many features that could be used in the development of the UGS complex. The advantageous combination of the Vienna Basin’s favourable geological conditions and the suitable geographical position near the point where the gas transit transmission pipeline forks out into its western and southern branches, makes for one of the most important hubs of the European gas network.

Technical and geological conditions for gas storage

The Láb UGS facility is a complex integrating the deposits and underground and surface plant intended for natural gas storage. The facility has been developed by converting the gas fields in the Láb, Suchohrad-Gajary, Jakubov and Malacky structures. The accumulation of the hydrocarbons utilised for storage are situated in Neogene sediments at depths ranging from 360 m to 1,290 m. The hydrocarbon traps, one of the essential prerequisites for the existence of deposits, are structurally tied to areas with lithologic and stratigraphic changes.

The UGS facility itself is comprised of the UGS Central Area (UGS CA) at Plavecký Štvrtok, and the related collecting centres. The various deposits (storage reservoirs) and the collecting centres are connected to it via connecting gas lines and the plant at UGS CA. The main process equipment and systems are located at the UGS CA: commercial input/output metering of gas quantity and quality; gas filtration; gas compression; pipe distributions; the control system; and the dispatch control room.

The Láb UGS plant is connected to Slovakia’s gas network through gas dispatch and feed pipelines. The acceptance of gas for storage from any customer (Slovak or foreign) and the redelivery of the gas during gas withdrawal therefore take place at the point where Nafta gas lines connect to the Slovak gas system’s gas lines.