About Us

6-months paid internship from September 2020 to February 2021

The European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR aisbl) is an international non-profit organisation aiming at enabling cross-border transfers of green certificates for biomethane and renewable gases. Amongst its 27 members, ERGaR counts renewable gas registries, renewable gas industry associations, gas DSOs/TSOs and natural gas industry partners.

Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) is an international organisation representing the interest of the European gas infrastructure (gas storages, LNG terminals and transmission pipelines) towards the European institutions, European bodies of regulators and other stakeholders. It has 69 members from 26 European countries. GIE shares EU’s ambition of reaching climate neutrality by 2050.

Based in Brussels in the same premises, GIE and ERGaR are looking for a highly motivated person to join their office as an EU Junior Policy Officer. A passion for EU affairs and energy and climate issues, with an excellent level in English are prerequisites. Candidates should demonstrate ability to work autonomously and efficiently in a fast-paced environment, considering the specific nature of the two associations. The work of the two associations is complementary given the nature of the businesses they represent.

The EU Junior Policy Officer will:

  • Monitor related EU legislative and non-legislative dossiers mainly focused on renewables gases (green certificates, energy system integration, hydrogen).
  • Monitor related media and European stakeholders including association and EU institutions (Council, Parliament and Commission)
  • Prepare briefing and documents for a variety of purposes / audience
  • Support the ERGaR association in its participation in EU projects (REGATRACE / FaStGO)
  • Support the GIE Secretariat in its daily ad-hoc research activities

Required background:

  • Studies / Practical experience linked to EU Affair, energy and environment
  • Solid understanding of the evolving political landscape as well as issues critical to the gas industry and future challenges
  • Capable of identifying and understand critical points in communication paths between the EU institutions and stakeholders
  • Strong analytical and business acumen
  • Excellent English skills are a prerequisite
  • Experiences in handling legislative and non-legislative files and knowledge of the EU policy-making process needed
  • Great efficiency and excellent time management skills

Please note that the position will be under the terms of fixed-term contract.

A CV, a 1-page cover letter and any other relevant support material from candidates shall be sent by email to gie@gie.eu  and Flore Belin (belin@ergar.org ) no later than 24 July 2020.